What is the Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2022: Comprehensive Guide

Your business deserves the best and WordPress Managed hosting gives you that competitive edge in today’s internet galaxy. When sites are slow (or crash), businesses lose revenue and spend precious time trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Today we are here to explore why choosing a managed WordPress hosting service, as opposed to a shared hosting or basic VPS. This is exactly why successful website owners use managed WordPress hosting.

All the back-end maintenance is managed by the provider, where sites are blazing fast, and WordPress never goes down. This ends up saving hundreds of dollars, We’ve put together a list of top options for managed WordPress hosting and a short guide to help you find the best one for your specific needs.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?


Managed WordPress hosting sounds hassle-free, letting you focus on your business. Technical experts manage every aspect of your site and ensure your website has no downtime. This includes security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and more.

With managed WordPress hosting you get superior support on top priority from the support team. WordPress is massive and powered 39.6% of the internet in 2021. There are tons of managed WordPress hosting options because of this one reason

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

#1. Bluehost


Bluehost web hosting plans offer a great balance between price and value, including its managed WordPress hosting plan known as WP Pro. It’s an excellent choice for people who are building a new site and want everything done right the first time.

Probably in 2022, we find companies moving to managed WordPress hosting after years of taking care of their own site. On the other end, people need to use the platform without having messed around with it before, and Bluehost meets these users where they are.

Bluehost runs WP Pro on low-density servers dedicated to WordPress. This means faster loading speeds A WordPress power user might feel like there are some missing features. But those newer to the platform are likely to be impressed by what’s included:

  • Automatic updates
  • Daily backups
  • Global CDN
  • Bluehost SEO Tools
  • Site staging
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Free SSL for all sites
  • Free domain name (1 year)
  • SiteLock malware detection and removal

These features come with any of the three plans for WP Pro, which start at $19.95 per month for the Build plan. It is more than enough to help any business get off the ground, coming with an extremely generous 30 GB of storage.

That’s three times as much storage compared to WP Engine or Kinsta’s offer, at a lower price to boot.

Bluehost has the dedicated servers and in-house caching system necessary to give your WordPress sites the edge in performance. It gives you numerous tools to get a beautiful WordPress site up and running in no time.

You don’t have to worry about legacy problems or technology. Everything’s been built for today’s cloud.

Visit Bluehost today to find out if WP Pro is the right package you are looking for.

Bluehost Support

Bluehost is one of the top providers that’s recommended by WordPress officially. One of the primary reasons is the level of support they provide their customers.

After signing up for WP Pro, a WordPress expert walks you through the setup and there’s a greeting call of 1-hour. They can help you get plugins and themes installed, answer your questions, and make sure you are ready to go.

When something happens down the line, Bluehost offers live chat and telephone customer support 24/7. These on-demand support resources are critical to people starting out.

#2. Contabo


Contabo is the most popular hosting especially when someone looks for VPS and cloud hosting. People choose to go with Contabo only for two great reasons. High performance and low cost. VPS hosting plans start from $6.99/ month is an incredible offer whereas others services provide shared hosting at the same Price.

Unlike most competitors, Contabo has a fully unified hardware platform in all data centers worldwide. Take a look at its features of

  • High performance VPS
  • Data Centers across the globe.
  • Focused on security and safety.
  • Get 32 TB of outgoing and unlimited inbound data transfer.
  • The connection speed ranges between 200 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s.
  • Amazing pricing strategy.
  • Basic Plan: 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 32 TB Traffic, and 50 GB NVMe at Just $6.99

Contabo is a great choice because of the effects of scale that comes with German Quality. Thanks to that and we not only get better discounts on the purchase prices but also save money & time on maintenance.

Servers are available globally and have launched their services in 6 regions and 9 countries.

If you’re interested to know how you can improve the speed and performance of your website that saves you from losing a lot of sales. Learn how to install WordPress on Contabo VPS hosting without CpanelSuperlative Guide.

Save your hard-earned money without Cpanel subscription monthly cost.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Install WordPress on Contabo VPS hosting without Cpanel (Videos attached)

Visit Contabo Now! You’ll be amazed by it’s low pricing

#3. Hostgator


HostGator has been doing this since the Jurassic (aka since 2002), so they know how to help newbies and pros alike that it takes all kinds of plans. Their tools are designed to grow with you, so you’ll never outgrow them(unlike with some of those other guys, just sayin’). That’s what being unstuckable is all about.

Having a dedicated server to call your own is already pretty neat. But combine that with HostGator’s pro team and almost 20 years of experience?

With HostGator, 30% of customers are web pros and hosted 2+ Million websites so far. Then you’ve really got a winning combo.


Yup. they are well known for website pros and focus want they need in all. So go on and swim in maximum customization, configuration, installation, and flexibility while their best-of-the-best tech team supports you from the side. If they haven’t reached Dedicated perfection yet, they’re pretty dang

  • 100% Server Control
  • SSD Hard Drives
  • DDoS Protection
  • IP-based Firewall
  • Flexible Control

Now 52% OFF!

#4. Liquid Web


Liquid Web is another excellent managed WordPress hosting company popular among the WordPress community. They offer multiple levels of hosting plans including managed WordPress hosting, VPS, cloud sites, and dedicated hosting.

Liquid Web provides you with an unrivaled hosting experience, delivering 99.99% uptime & 24/7 access to the Most Helpful Humans in hosting. Here are some top features:

  • High performance hosting
  • Standard DDoS Protection
  • Interworx, Plesk, or cPanel Available
  • Root and IPMI Access
  • ServerSecure Advanced Security
  • Business-grade SSD Storage
  • Compliance solutions
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

How Liquid Web Dedicated Servers Stack Up

As of July 31st, 2020Liquid WebHostgatorGoDaddy
Uptime SLAs100%99.9%99.9%
24/7 On-site Support via Phone/Chat/Emailchecknocheck
Built-in Backup Drivescheckcheckno
Off Server Backups By Defaultchecknono
Root Levelcheckcheckno
Multi-level DDoS Protectioncheckcheckcheck
Term Required for Advertising Pricenocheckcheck
Fast SSD Storagechecknono
Starting at (monthly)$199/mo$179/mo$254/mo
Full Management$20/mo$10/mo$130/mo
Dedicated Total Cost$219/mo$189/mo$384/mo

Liquid Web offers the best managed dedicated server solutions to support your business needs. They offer single- and dual-processor Dedicated Servers.

You can play smart choosing between self-managed, core-managed, and fully managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans depending on your business and support needs.

Mostly they’re available with Linux or Windows operating systems, their dedicated servers come with Proactive Sonar Monitoring™ and Server Secure hardening.

Monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, and helping you optimize performance: The Most Helpful experts in Hosting are available 24/7 to assist in finding the best-managed server web hosting solutions that meet your needs.

As a trusted Dedicated Server provider, Liquid Web continues to lead the way in customer loyalty and performance with an NPS score of 67.

#5. NameCheap


NameCheap offers you more power and adaptability than other hosting options, Namecheap’s Dedicated Servers are best recommended for those who have a technical background, i.e. those who are comfortable with managing and configuring servers with root access.

Typically, Dedicated Server Hosting is used to benefit the following:

  • High-traffic websites
  • Website and Business applications
  • Content streaming
  • Podcasting
  • Machine learning
  • Big data and Extreme storage
  • Infrastructure virtualization
  • Game servers.

NameCheap has two hosting control panel tool that helps manage your hosting account and is especially useful for non-tech savvy users.

Currently, they offer two control panel options:
1) cPanel/WHM – available only with the operating systems CentOS or CloudLinux OS.

2) Interworx – available only with the operating system CentOS. Please note that only User-Responsible Server Management applies.

Price Comparison:

Interworx (unlimited accounts)$18.00/month
cPanel Solo (1 account)$13.88/month

As many as you like. Although Namecheap does not set any limits on the number of websites you can host, this number depends on a few factors:

1) The number of resources provided with your server and the technologies you use

2) Your bandwidth requirements

3) If you have an HTML-designed website or a CMS-based website. Due to the static nature of an HTML-designed website, you can host more websites. With CMS-based websites, you can host fewer websites due to an increase in RAM and CPU processing.

#6. OVH Cloud


OVH Cloud servers are designed, assembled, and maintained by professionals and technical teams, in order to offer you optimized configurations for your projects. When you choose a dedicated server, you can rest assured that all resources are allocated to you for maximum performance.

With OVHcloud, you can rely on expertise in bare-metal technology. Host your website, deploy your high-resilience infrastructure, or customize your machine to suit your projects in just a few clicks.

OVH Cloud provides clear information on pricing, services, and options. All of their solutions come with features included by default at no extra cost — such as unlimited ingress and egress traffic and anti-DDoS protection

Here are some of its top premium features

  • Strong Performance
  • Unlimited Traffic on all servers
  • SLA: 99.99%
  • Double power supply
  • Public bandwidth: from 1 to 10Gbps
  • OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA)
  • Hot-swap disks


By hosting your servers with OVHcloud, you benefit from innovative and unique solutions across their entire infrastructure, such as water cooling for energy efficiency. These are Included with Dedicated Servers

  • vRack physical private network
  • Bandwidth and unlimited traffic
  • DDoS protection
  • IPMI and KVM on IP
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • OVHcloud Control Panel and API
  • A wide range of operating systems and distributions
Host a business website, blog or forum on a server equipped with a high-frequency Intel Xeon processor.

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